Vision / Mission

HISTORY AND ORIGINOUR ORIGIN the first Seraphisches Liebeswerk (Work of Charity) was founded by the Capuchin Father Cyprian Frolich (1853 -1931) in Ehrenbreitstein, Germany. The goal of the founder was to build up a Franciscan Caritas. Taking the pattern from this foundation which spread out quickly in Europe, a Swiss Capuchin, Father Florian Walker, together with a young medical doctor, Dr. Fritz Spieler, and his wife ,a social worker, Hilda Meyer-Spieler, founded the Seraphisches Liebeswerk Solothurn (SLS) also called Pro infante et familia in 1919. 

Our society of apostolic life called the Franciscan Sisters Pro infante et familia has been given the permission to open a formation house in Cebu City by His Eminence Julio R. Cardinal Rosales, Archbishop of Cebu, in a letter dated March 8, 1978.

cross copyOUR VISION

Our Sisters’ Community envision of proclaiming God’s kingdom here and now, participating in His work of redemption and in the unfolding and completion of creation


header1The Franciscan Sisters Pro Infante Et Familia is committed to the wholistic renewal of the endangered and deprived children youth and family.  We perform our common apostolate through a charitable family ministry and through our credible testimony of love and faith in the spirit of the Gospel and that St. Francis of Assisisi